Installation Notes


Oracle Java Platform 8 (JDK) must be installed. Installation packages can be downloaded from here:

Java Platform, Standard Edition:

Note: Open-JDK cannot be used because of the lack of JavaFX support.

Java 9

Current version of CS-Studio doesn't run on the Java 9 VM. If you have installed Java 9 (possibly because you are evaluating or working with it) and Java 8, then you need to tell CS-Studio to used Java 8.

On MacOS X



where jdk1.8.0_152.jdk should be replaced by the Java 8 version you have.


Note: the following instuctions are deprecated for the Development Machine 3.0.0 and newer. The supported method to update CS-Studio is described here. is a linux script that will make easy update CS-Studio to a specific version. Download it into your home directory, then execute the following commands:

    sudo mv ~/ /usr/bin/css-update
    sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/css-update

Now you can use it in the following manner: css-update [-d] <version>, where 

This command:

Example: css-update -d will download the development version of CS–Studio and install it into /opt so next time the css command will be run the new version of CS-Studio will start.


Documentation about ESS version of CS-Studio can be found here: CS-Studio Documentation




Ver. (24.10.2017)

Mostly bug fixes and performance improvements.

Ver. (28.08.2017)

First version including the Knob widget for Display Builder.

Ver. (07.08.2017)

Including SymbolWidget and TextSymbolWidget.

Ver. (10.07.2017)

Various improvements and bug fixes.

Ver. (22.03.2017)

Web menu items pointing to ESS services.

Ver. (14.03.2017)

First version including meters and gauges widgets in Display Builder.

Ver. (31.01.2017)

First version including the new Data Sources preference pages.

Ver. (16.01.2017)

First version including the new Data Sources preference pages.

Ver. (18.10.2016)

First version including the new Display Builder OPI engine.

Ver. (26.08.2016)

First official ESS version of CS-Studio.

Community Editions

CS-Studion Community Editions (CE).