This page contains a minimal user guide / information for a set of supplemental Vitess modules (tested with current Vitess 3.3a release), based on the following McStas 2.4.1 components/instruments:

Note: For more information about MCPL, please consult the website or publication.

Please bear in mind that:

1) “This is not Vitess” - but just a set of user-contributed, minimally documented modules,
2) I (Peter Willendrup) have discussed the solution with Klaus Lieutenant, who has on his mind/agenda to create a proper, official Vitess release with similar functionality at a later point

Download here: ESS_2017_Modules_for_Vitess_0.99.tgz or from the following repository

The tar.gz and the corresponding GitHub repo contain:

A) MODULES/ with binaries for Linux 64bit, Mac OS X and windows - corresponding to the following McStas components:

  1. ESS_butterfly.comp -> mcstas_ess_butterfly
  2. ESS_butterfly_MCPL_instr -> mcstas_ess_butterfly_mcpl
  3. MCPL_input -> mcstas_mcpl_input
  4. MCPL_output -> mcstas_mcpl_output

B) GUI/ contains a set of test Vitess gui files making use of the modules

C) SRC/ contains the original McStas code and some (light) documentation on the needed code changes


  1. Copy the modules corresponding to your platform from MODULES/ to your /where/ever/vitess/MODULES/
  2. Copy GUI/usermodule.tcl to your /where/ever/vitess/GUI/


Try the relevant .gui files found in subfolders of GUI/, respecting the following steps:

  1. Change of directory to that folder (i.e. GUI/ from the downloaded or cloned folder)
  2. All of the "source" modules, mentioned below, will only run from an "exported" shell or batch file. They produce no data when used from the Vitess GUI:
  3. Please always specify a full path for the MCPL file when using the MCPL Input/Output modules
  4. When using the ESS_butterfly_MCPL module, please place the relevant beamport MCPL file from in the simulation folder