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Installation Notes


Oracle Java Platform 8 (JDK) must be installed. Installation packages can be downloaded from here:

Java Platform, Standard Edition:

Note: Open-JDK cannot be used because of the lack of JavaFX support.

Java 9/10

Current version of CS-Studio doesn't run on the Java 9/10 VM. If you have installed Java 9 (possibly because you are evaluating or working with it) and Java 8, then you need to tell CS-Studio to used Java 8.

On MacOS X
  • Right-click on the ESS application and select Show Package Contents menu item;
  • Navigate into the Contents/Eclipse folder and edit the ESS CS-Studio.ini file;
  • Before --launcher.library add the following two lines:



where jdk1.8.0_181.jdk should be replaced by the Java 8 version you have installed.

On CentOS
  • Edit the /opt/cs-studio/ESS CS-Studio.ini file;
  • Before --launcher.library add the following two lines:



where jdk1.8.0_181 should be replaced by the Java 8 version you have installed.

On Windows (Unsupported Platform)
  • Edit the ESS CS-Studio.ini file inside the application folder;
  • Before --launcher.library add the following two lines:


C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_181\jre\bin\

where jdk1.8.0_181 should be replaced by the Java 8 version you have installed.


CS-Studio runs pretty well on machine with at least 4 GBytes. If it must be run from inside the ESS DM, at least 8 GBytes are necessary, allocating 4 for the DM.


The supported method to update CS-Studio in the DM is described here.




What Is Changed

  • CS-Studio Update: Change RAP GEF P2 site to a more standard url.
  • Display Builder Fix: Closing the inline editor with ESC on the Display Builder's Overview tree will hide the tree item's icon.
  • Display Builder Fix: LEDs not showing their colour in edit mode.
  • Display Builder Fix: Autosize in Checkbox and SlideButton.
  • Display Builder Fix: Suppress context menu while primary button is down in Spinner and ScrollBar widgets.
  • Display Builder Update: Reduce severity of value range message in plot widgets.
  • Display Builder Update: Update log scale in XYPlot widget.
  • Display Builder Update: Improved range drawing in meters.
  • Display Builder Update: Improved performances in Thumbwheel, SlideButton, Gauge, Knob and Meter widgets.
  • Display Builder New: Example for table served by Channel Access.
  • Display Builder New: Support colour alpha in rules.
  • Display Builder New: Represent 'unknown' widget outline.
  • Display Builder New: Editor will show warning when changing actions for multiple widgets.
  • Data Browser Fix: BOY widget shell NPE.
  • Data Browser New: Default value for trace's Request can now be set to RAW or OPTIMIZED inside the plugin_customization.ini file.


Ver. (16.01.2019)

Various fixes and updates.

What Is Changed

  • Archive Engine Fix: Nanoseconds Incorrect.
  • BOY Fix: Combo box: Ignore mouse wheel on Linux without breaking use on Mac.
  • Data Browser Fix: Added missing parameter initialisation in CS-Studio configuration file.
  • Data Browser Fix: Default mode is now POINTER.
  • Display Builder Fix: Don't use image cache in edit mode in Picture and Symbol widgets.
  • Display Builder Fix: Refresh embedded display when changing its macros.
  • Display Builder Fix: Reload Display in editor mode should check whether the file is saved.
  • Display Builder Fix: Text widgets use their text in tool tip's $(pv_value).
  • Display Builder Fix: Removed 1px extra border in EmbeddedDisplay widget.
  • Display Builder Fix: NPE when widgets are dragged into/out a structure widget.
  • Display Builder Fix: Linear Meter Title disappears when dragged into/out a structure widget.
  • Display Builder Fix: No macro expansion in boolean expression of a rule.
  • Display Builder Fix: XYPlot value updates out of order.
  • Display Builder Fix: Action dialog's macro editor.
  • Display Builder Fix: 'Delete' in editor sometimes deletes widget when one would expect to only affect a property.
  • Display Builder Update: Less prominent 3d effect, and removable scale in Tank widget.
  • Display Builder Update: Changed the colours for INVALID and DISCONNECTED widget status.
  • RDB Archive Fix: Write NaN for scalar component of zero-sized array.

Ver. (28.11.2018)

Various fixes and updates.

What Is Changed

  • Display Builder Fix: More object disposed when an OPI is closed, speeding up GC.
  • Display Builder Fix: Further improvements on Meter widgets initial PV value display.
  • Display Builder Fix: Tooltip not working in Ellipse, Arc, Polygon and Polyline.
  • Display Builder Fix: Vertical scrollbar widget not redrawn when height changed.
  • Display Builder Update: Debug option to show update rate in plots.
  • Display Builder Update: Added missing labels to ByteMonitor widget.
  • Display Builder Update: Added missing "foreground" property to CheckBox and Image widgets.
  • Phoebus Integration New: Added integration with the Phoebus Alarms applications.
  • Phoebus Integration New: Added integration with the Phoebus ChannelFinder application.

Ver. (23.10.2018)

Various fixes and updates.

What Is Changed

  • Display Builder Fix: Symbol widget not always loading images correctly.
  • Display Builder Fix: Better handling of SVGs in Symbol and Picture widgets.
  • Display Builder Fix: Gauges and Meter widgets not initially displaying the current PV value.
  • Display Builder Fix: Knob widget in strange state if right-clicked into the thumb lane.
  • Display Builder Fix: Spinner widget autonomously spinning if right-clicked or dragged on its buttons.
  • Display Builder Fix: ScrollBar widget autonomously increasing/decreasing if right-clicked on its buttons.
  • Display Builder Fix: ScaledSlider widget updating value is right-clicked on its thumb lane.
  • Display Builder Fix: Meter widget minor ticks can disappear if minimum is negative and minor thicks space is non-integer.
  • Display Builder Update: Meters examples.

Ver. (02.10.2018)

Various fixes and updates.

What Is Changed

  • Display Builder Fix: '!' used in text inside rules converted to 'not'.
  • Display Builder Fix: Newly (empty) created Table widget not attached to a PV displays one strange cell of data. 
  • Display Builder Update: It is now possible to choose which .opi files should be opened in BOY when the action is performed inside a Display Builder OPI. By default all .opi files will be opened by BOY unless the same file with extension .bob is found instead.
  • Display Builder Update: Script API help.
  • Display Builder Update: Jython script engine updated to ver. 2.7.1.
  • Display Builder New: Added a property to allow verbose .bob files.
  • Display Builder New: Slider Button widget. 
  • BOY Fix: Reverted the default named colours and fonts, leaving only the specific Display Builder's non-default ones.
  • EDM/EDL Converter Update: Settings updated.

Ver. (03.09.2018)

Various fixes and updates.

What Is Changed

  • CS-Studio Fix: Problems connecting to MySQL databases after driver updates.
  • CS-Studio Update: Improved the build system to keep only the last 7 builds of the development version.
  • BOY: Added Display Builder's colours and fonts definition to BOY's ones.
  • Display Builder Update: Table widget behaviour  now similar to a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel).

Ver. (23.08.2018)

Various fixes and updates.

What Is Changed

  • Archiver Fix: The archive engine takes time to start and archive samples.
  • Data Browser Fix: Cancel button fails on to cancel search if it is taking a long time.
  • Data Browser Fix: Automatic value axes naming can be wrong sometimes.
  • Data Browser Update: In non-scrolling mode, the future area is shaded gray.
  • Data Browser Update: Help page.
  • Data Browser Update: Allow plot_bins as scaling factor for display width.
  • Display Builder Fix: BLUE-BORDER colour.
  • Display Builder Fix: Single-image Symbol widget not properly saved if created by D&D.
  • Display Builder Fix: Symbol widget not updated if a symbol file is updated.
  • Display Builder Fix: Text not perfectly centred in LEDs.
  • Display Builder Fix: Widget initial value update in case PV sent value before listening.
  • Display Builder Fix: No context menu in standalone windows.
  • Display Builder Fix: ScriptUtil.closeDisplay(widget) not working for standalone windows.
  • Display Builder New: Allow dragging widget's primary "pv_name" as text from the OPI runtime.
  • Display Builder Update: Added LEDs colours to ESS colour themes.
  • Display Builder Update: Flat LEDs, improving their contrast and legibility.
  • Display Builder Update: Added line_color to LED and MultiStateLED.
  • Display Builder Update: X/Y Plot with unnamed tracks will not display the EGU.
  • Display Builder Update: More details in Plot Configuration Dialog.
  • Waveform View Update: support multiple traces.
  • CS-Studio New: First implementation of a Phoebus integration plugin.
  • CS-Studio Update: MySQL drivers updated to ver. 8.

Ver. (02.08.2018)

Ver. (27.07.2018)

Ver. (18.06.2018)

Ver. (05.06.2018)

Ver. (22.05.2018)

Ver. (17.05.2018)

Ver. (27.04.2018)

Ver. (21.03.2018)

Ver. (08.03.2018)

Ver. (13.02.2018)

Ver. (31.01.2018)

Ver. (24.10.2017)

Ver. (28.08.2017)

Ver. (07.08.2017)

Ver. (10.07.2017)

Ver. (22.03.2017)

Ver. (14.03.2017)

Ver. (31.01.2017)

Ver. (16.01.2017)

Ver. (18.10.2016)

Ver. (26.08.2016)

Community Editions

CS-Studion Community Editions (CE).

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