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The following guide assumes the use of either

  1. McStas 2.3 (Apr. 06, 2016) plus
    1. - Component library: McStas-2.3, built Sep. 15, 2016 (which includes MCPL v. 0.6)
    2. The instrument file ESS_butterfly_MCPL from the McStas GitHub repository
    3. The updated MCPL_input component from the McStas GitHub repository
    4. If you need to WRITE MCPL files, also download the updated MCPL_output component from the McStas GitHub repository
  2. McStas 2.4 (May. 17, 2017) (which includes MCPL v. 1.1)
    1. If you need to WRITE MCPL files, also also download the updated MCPL_output component from the McStas GitHub repository
    2. The ESS_butterfly_MCPL instrumentfile from your McStas 2.4 installation

You will also need an MCPL input file for the beamline in question. The files are available in easy-to-use limited-statististics files here, named <Sector><Beamline>.mcpl.gz  (e.g. W8.mcpl.gz). The key numbers and properties of these files are:

  • Each around 3-6Gb in size
  • Based on 1e5 protons on target
  • Include multiple particle types, i.e. neutrons, gammas, protons and muons etc.
  • Particles can have "any" physical energy, i.e. up to the linac proton energy
  • Particles originate from "anywhere" within the monolith, but of course mainly from the target, moderators and their surroundings
  • In the file, the particles are "located" on a "r=9cm DXtran sphere" at 2 m from the moderator centre, positioned on the beamline axis of choice
  • Please consult the below figur to understand the geometry!

  1. For use on your own computer, download the relevant file from
  2. For use at the ESS cluster, please use the links provided in that "deep-link" to 

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