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  • BOY Fix: Combo box: Ignore mouse wheel on Linux without breaking use on Mac.
  • RDB Archive Fix: Write NaN for scalar component of zero-sized array.
  • Display Builder Fix: Don't use image cache in edit mode in Picture and Symbol widgets.
  • Display Builder Fix: Refresh embedded display when changing its macros.
  • Display Builder Fix: Reload Display in editor mode should check whether the file is saved.
  • Display Builder Fix: Text widgets use their text in tool tip's $(pv_value).
  • Display Builder Fix: Removed 1px extra border in EmbeddedDisplay widget.
  • Display Builder Fix: NPE when widgets are dragged into/out a structure widget.
  • Display Builder Fix: Linear Meter Title disappears when dragged into/out a structure widget.
  • Data Browser Fix: Added missing parameter initialisation in CS-Studio configuration file.


Ver. (28.11.2018)