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  • Archiver Fix: The archive engine takes time to start and archive samples.
  • Data Browser Fix: Cancel button fails on to cancel search if it is taking a long time.
  • Data Browser Fix: Automatic value axes naming can be wrong sometimes.
  • Data Browser Update: In non-scrolling mode, the future area is shaded gray.
  • Data Browser Update: Help page.
  • Data Browser Update: Allow plot_bins as scaling factor for display width.
  • Display Builder Fix: BLUE-BORDER colour.
  • Display Builder Fix: Single-image Symbol widget not properly saved if created by D&D.
  • Display Builder Fix: Symbol widget not updated if a symbol file is updated.
  • Display Builder Fix: Text not perfectly centred in LEDs.
  • Display Builder Fix: Widget initial value update in case PV sent value before listening.
  • Display Builder Fix: No context menu in standalone windows.
  • Display Builder Fix: ScriptUtil.closeDisplay(widget) not working for standalone windows.
  • Display Builder Update: Added LEDs colours to ESS colour themes.
  • Display Builder Update: Flat LEDs, improving their contrast and legibility.
  • Display Builder Update: Added line_color to LED and MultiStateLED.
  • Display Builder Update: X/Y Plot with unnamed tracks will not display the EGU.
  • Display Builder Update: More details in Plot Configuration Dialog.
  • Waveform View Update: support multiple traces.
  • CS-Studio New: First implementation of a Phoebus integration plugin.
  • CS-Studio Update: MySQL drivers updated to ver. 8.


Ver. (02.08.2018)