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Documentation about ESS version of CS-Studio can be found at the ESS CS-Studio homepage.


Ver. 4.6.1.



What Is Changed

  • Fixed: CTRL+click operations problematic on MacOS (wheel-zoom, extending selection with click or rubber-banding, adding points to polyline).
  • Fixed: Numpad ENTER not working in validating widget's properties.
  • Fixed: lasso selection on a group selecting also the group's content.
  • Fixed: Multi-line text editor hidden if the main window is clicked.
  • Fixed: Display Builder's API help page not displayed.
  • Updated: Added training, presentation, and ShareLaTex links to CS-Studio → Web Links.
  • Updated: More dialogs will remember their position and size, and will not be hidden by the CS-Studio main window.


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Ver. (18.06.2018)

Various fixes and updates.

Ver. (05.06.2018)