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where jdk1.8.0_144 should be replaced by the Java 8 version you have installed.


CS-Studio runs pretty well on machine with at least 4 GBytes. If it must be run from inside the ESS DM, at least 8 GBytes are necessary, allocating 4 for the DM.


Note: the following instuctions are deprecated for the Development Machine 3.0.0 and newer. The supported method to update CS-Studio is described here.


What Is Changed

  • Fixed: CTRL+click operations problematic on MacOS (wheel-zoom, extending selection with click or rubber-banding, adding points to polyline).
  • Fixed: Numpad ENTER not working in validating widget's properties.
  • Fixed: lasso selection on a group selecting also the group's content.


Ver. (05.06.2018)