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Java Platform, Standard Edition:

Please note that OpenNote: Open-JDK cannot be used because of the lack of JavaFX support.

Java 9

Current version of CS-Studio doesn't run on the Java 9 VM. If you have installed Java 9 (possibly because you are evaluating or working with it) and Java 8, then you need to tell CS-Studio to used Java 8.

On MacOS X
  • Right-click on the ESS application and select Show Package Contents menu item;
  • Navigate into the Contents/Eclipse folder and edit the ESS CS-Studio.ini file;
  • Before --launcher.library add the following two lines:



where jdk1.8.0_152.jdk should be replaced by the Java 8 version you have.


Note: the following instuctions are deprecated for the Development Machine 3.0.0 and newer. The supported method to update CS-Studio is described here.