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Table of Contents

Installation Notes



Ver. 4.6.1.



What Is Changed

  • CS-Studio Update: Change RAP GEF P2 site to a more standard url.
  • Display Builder Fix: Closing the inline editor with ESC on the Display Builder's Overview tree will hide the tree item's icon.
  • Display Builder Fix: LEDs not showing their colour in edit mode.
  • Display Builder Fix: Autosize in Checkbox and SlideButton.
  • Display Builder Fix: Suppress context menu while primary button is down in Spinner and ScrollBar widgets.
  • Display Builder Update: Reduce severity of value range message in plot widgets.
  • Display Builder Update: Update log scale in XYPlot widget.
  • Display Builder Update: Improved range drawing in meters.
  • Display Builder Update: Improved performances in Thumbwheel, SlideButton, Gauge, Knob and Meter widgets.
  • Display Builder New: Example for table served by Channel Access.
  • Display Builder New: Support colour alpha in rules.
  • Display Builder New: Represent 'unknown' widget outline.
  • Display Builder New: Editor will show warning when changing actions for multiple widgets.
  • Data Browser Fix: BOY widget shell NPE.
  • Data Browser New: Default value for trace's Request can now be set to RAW or OPTIMIZED inside the plugin_customization.ini file.


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