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Oracle Java Platform 8 (JDK) must be installed. Installation packages can be downloaded from here:

Java Platform, Standard Edition:

Please note that Open-JDK cannot be used because of the lack of JavaFX support.


Note: the following instuctions are deprecated for the DeDevelopment Machine 3.0.0 and newer. The supported version to update CS-Studio is described here. is a linux script that will make easy update CS-Studio to a specific version. Download it into your home directory, then execute the following commands:

    sudo mv ~/ /usr/bin/css-update
    sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/css-update

Now you can use it in the following manner: css-update [-d] <version>, where 

  • -d will take updates from the development repository,
  • <version> is the version you want to be updated to.

This command:

  • will move /opt/cs-studio folder into /opt/cs-studio-<old-version>,
  • will download the requested version and extract it into a temporary folder,
  • will move the extracted version into /opt/cs-studio.

Example: css-update -d will download the development version of CS–Studio and install it into /opt so next time the css command will be run the new version of CS-Studio will start.


Documentation about ESS version of CS-Studio can be found here: ESS CS-Studio Documentation